Power Solution
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Polymer Conversion

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Production Line

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Thermo forming
Thermo forming

Product Specification

PSP Food Box Thermoforming making Line

  • Sheet width: 500-700 mm
  • Max. Forming Area: 600×900 mm
  • Max. Forming height: lower die 150, force plug 140 mm
  • Heating power: 53 KW
  • Productivity effect: 4-8 Sec./die
  • Air source: 0.8-1 MPa
  • Cut-off-die. Erection space: 640×1080mm
  • Effective punching area: 620×900mm
  • Max. Punching height: 150mm
  • Punching pressure: 10~15T
  • Stacker method: automatically
  • Installation capacity (approx): 90 KW
  • Dimensions (approx): 14×2.2×2.1 m
  • Total weight (approx): 8T

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