Manufacturing Solutions and Export Logistics
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Product and Brand Development
  • Massive 20L Bottle Automatically Packed in Carton (will it work?)
    Here is a new one for you. Check the vid to find out how it worked out. That was a mighty heavy bottle. more
    Warren Buffett and Jay-Z On The Power of Luck
    Warren Buffet and Jay-Z, what can we learn from this paring? How much does luck play in to how successful we are as business peopl more
  • DIY | Customised Coffee Mugs
    If you are looking for a fast and easy way to supply customisable promotional products to businesses near you, check out the colle more
    PAT - 12 Nozzle Linear Filler for Multiple Product Mixing with Jar Steri...
    If you ever wanted to see how your Black Bean Sauce or Chilli Oil gets packaged? Here it is. Just another one of our simple to ope more
  • PAT Linear Filling Machines - 6 Nozzle Honey Filling Line
    How It's Made - Automatic Bottle Loader and Carton Wrapper
    This is your ultimate and most cost effective solution for automatic carton packaging. This machine also features a simple and eff more
  • How It's Made - PET Plastic Bottle
    Check out our 2 cavity automatic bottle blowing machine for 1L, 3L and 5L bottles. Also featuring a 3L bottle with Flex Handle.&nb more
    The Label Factory and PanAsiaTech @INDOPLAS 2014
    We had a great time at INDOPLAS 2014 inJakarta and we look forward to being there again next year. more
  • PET Outlook Asia - About Event | About Conference
    I just came across the PET Outlook Asia conference which will take place in Jakarta this Friday 20th Aug, 2014. While it looks ver more
    How Fantastic Your Sourcing Partner?
    In order to grow you must be able to manage a solid team and also delegate work to capable partners. At PanAsia Tech, we complete more
  • Selecting the BEST Filling Machinery from China
    As all industrialists know, there is a certain amount of risk involved when buying machinery in China. That being said, at PANASIA more
    How It's Made - Bottle Closure Printing and Counting
    If you are looking for a high speed solution to sort, count, and package your bottle closures then we have the best solution for y more
  • An Insightful Speech by Xi Jinping at College of Europe
    Excerpts from the speech at the College of Europe by Xi Jinping President of the People’s Republic of ChinaLet me use this opportu more
    Ardeshir's Cold Drinks 130 Years - From 1984 to 2014
    Taking a sip of Pune’s very own cold drink : Ardeshir’s Raspberry Soda Today, 130 years later, Murzban Irani, his great gran more
  • Sinar Sosro Teh Botol Adopts New Plastic Packaging
    If you live anywhere near Indonesia then you must have tried or at least know about Teh Botol, which literally translated to Engli more
    See you in Jakarta - INDOPACK 2014
    Hi everyone. It has been a while since our last post. While we love to update our social media and keep our followers updated with more
  • Inspire/Motivate/Create/Innovate
    At PAE we understand that starting an industry or business from scratch is a massive endeavor which takes time, money, perseveranc more
    We Supply All Kinds of Labels
    At PanAsia Exports, we do not only supply the best labeling machinery in China, we will also design, source, and exports the best more
  • Promotional Products 2014
    As time is flying by quickly, now is the moment to place your orders of promotional products for the upcoming year. By acting quic more
    Invest in Dreams
    As hundreds of thousands of visitors make their way into Guangzhou this October for the Canton Fair, you can be sure that the city more
    WELCOME TO THE CANTON FAIR OCTOBER 2013 in Guangzhou. With thousands of companies exhibiting at  the Canton Fair spread more
  • Strange Brews
    Our most recent compilation of unique and interesting beverage labels. Is this BOB MARLEY drink for real? more
    Invest in Dreams
  • Reducing Waste from Fast Food Packaging
    At PAE we are always looking out for new ideas about how we can positively influence change in our markets to reduce waste from ne more